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What Happens When You Get Saved: 5 Transformations By a New Believer

  • Wangui 

Giving your life to Christ is usually the first step to many changes that happen later on- because a relationship with Christ calls us to change. To shed off our past selves and have a new beginning in Him. 

In the last two posts, I wrote about salvation and what it is, and I also shared my salvation story with you. Today, we look at some of the transformations that you will experience as a new believer.

Disclaimer: They are fantastic transformations.

5 Transformations by a new believer

When we were still unsaved, we lived in sin and degraded God’s relationship and role in our lives. After we are saved and become new believers, the old lifestyle has to change. We have to be modeled into a new being. 

Not hypothetically, but literally. But here is the thing. The transformation is not a one-time thing. For some rare instances, change is abrupt. But for most Christians, I included, change was gradual—a step at a time, as Christ modeled me into His character. 

# What happens when you get saved: You are forgiven

When we accept the gracious gift of Christ on the cross, we are fully forgiven. He bloats our sins as far as the east is from the west. Our names are taken from the book of eternal damnation to the book of life. We are assured, through faith in Christ alone, that we will live eternally because of His death and resurrection on the cross. 

So, stop feeling guilty of your past sins, move closer to Jesus’ feet and repent. Because through His blood, you are forgiven. And you are his beloved daughter.

# What happens when you get saved: You become a new creation

The dictionary defines transformation as a marked change in nature, form, or appearance. And this is what you go through as a new believer. You are no longer a lost soul without a place to call home. Now you belong. You are new, a child of God, His beloved. 

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old is gone, and the new has come. Your sinful nature is replaced by the righteous character of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. In 1st Peter, he asks believers not to be conformed to the ignorance of their former self, but as He who called you is holy, be holy in all your conduct.

But I’m still struggling with my previous sin(s)?

This question is on the mind of most new believers. I also struggled a lot with my previous nature. I kept making the mistakes I did before I got saved. Each time I realized my shortcomings, I’d be filled with so much guilt and repulsion. Why couldn’t I stop falling into the same temptations and traps over and over again?

Wasn’t I a new creation? Saved from the wrath of God? Free from my flesh?

It isn’t easy to let go of your sinful nature, primarily when you rely on your knowledge and will. Instead of beating myself up about it, I started praying and asking God to help me overcome the things he disliked. 

Instead of relying on my knowledge, I read his word and replaced what he disliked with what God called us to become. 

His blood paid for it all. If you are still struggling with sin, take it up to Him in prayer. Flee from the things, the people, or the places that cause you to sin. And most of all, only rely on His mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Please watch this video if you are struggling with any sin. While It concentrates on sexual sin, I believe it can also help you overcome any sin. It’s only under 7 minutes.

# What happens when you get saved: You grow closer to God

I told you it’d be awesome! 😊

Since the beginning of time, God has always wanted to be closer to His people. Remember how gracious he was to Adam and Eve even after their disobedience, how he showed mercy, and cared for the Israelites even when they grumbled and disobeyed Him.

But mostly, remember how he sent His son, Christ, to be reviled, mocked, hated, and crucified because God wanted to reconcile us to Himself. For years, man has tried to rely on himself and failed. In contrast, God has relentlessly pursued man even when we rejected Him.

God loves you, and the moment you believe in your heart and confess with your tongue, you start a relationship with Him. By reading His word, praying, and trusting in Him alone, God reveals himself to us, and we get to understand His nature and His plans for our lives.

# What happens when you get saved: You discover your true identity

Part of the reason why I was so lost before I got saved, was because I did not know who I was. I searched for my identity in meaningless things, got hurt, and regretted most of my actions. When we get saved, we realize our identity. Not only as children of God but as the intricate human beings we are.

Through reading the word and listening to the Holy Spirit, we learn to value God, who he is to us, and who we are to Him. While as unbelievers, we pursued self, now as believers, we pursue God and see ourselves as who He is. We become His children, beloved of Him and valued. And in the same way, we learn to love and serve others.

# What happens when you get saved: We receive Joy, peace, and contentment

There’s no peace, like that found in Christ. Neither is there joy like that gifted by God. Even in the face of trouble, grief, and pain, you will realize that all hope is not yet lost as a new believer. Because in Christ, we have hope and something to look forward to. 

We know there is peace and stability that we find in Christ. God’s peace goes beyond human understanding. 

What happens when you get saved bible quote embedded in a flower image.

When you are saved, it’s hard to remain the same. God is continually teaching you, disciplining, and leading you to the truth. You get to understand His word and the plans He has for your life. Through constant prayer, delving in his word, and obedience, God will manifest and lead you to the plans and purpose he has set out for you.

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Have you recently started a relationship with Christ? Are you going through any of these transformations by a new believer? Please share your story in the comments below to inspire other new believers.

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