I Help You live a Faith Filled Life…

Through Scriptures, Time Management tips, and the best of Money Skills.


One of my favorite places, you will find the latest from productivity and living life better. You’ll get tips, strategies and hacks that simplify your life. I’ll let you in on tips of peak productivity.

Money Skills

Finance is an inherent part of our lives. While it’s not everything, getting finances right is vital for a healthy life. Expect the best saving tips, money management and online earning tips.


As my main reason for living, we discuss life in Christ, the struggles and joys. We’ll dissect the things that Christ loves, and the things he dislikes. I pray and hope that we live a better life in Him.

I’m just a normal girl navigating life…..

I’ve always been shy, loved writing and a dreamer. Now, I use this space to help young adults and new adult ladies navigate life, find Christ and live in communion with Him.

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