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Hey there

I am Wangui Hinga. The girl behind these (wise) words that you usually read on Studentplush.com.☺

So why Student Plush?

My main goal is to help you as a university and college student lead a better life, hack college and live your best life.

Why now?

There was not enough information on uni and college from my country (Kenya), So I decided to start Student Plush to help other students scale their life in college.

It can get hard and pretty expensive so I wanted to be a resource by bringing you tips and hacks that will let you save money, diversify your income and maintain top-notch productivity in all you do.

A little bit about me.

  • I’m a freelance writer and 3rd year student of Project Management at JKUAT.
  • I also write fiction novels on the side. (Christian Romance and a bit of thriller)
  • I’m a self-proclaimed INFJ and tend to shy away from social gatherings.
  • I love reading anything I can get my hands on.
  • I need to have an ongoing project at all the times.(An INFJ thing.)

That’s all for now. Have a question?

Hit me a quick question at; Wangui@studentplush.com and you’ll get a quick reply.

Here are some quick links to get you started.

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