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Biblical Time Management: Jesus Around The Web

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Time management is a topic that can leave you swayed in all directions. What’s more, there are tons of tips, hacks, and strategies that productivity gurus claim will work wonders in your life.

In the midst of all this, it can be hard to filter out the truth, from people’s opinions and online information.

The world has its own definition of what productivity and time management should be about. As Christians, the bible should be our roadmap in helping us define productivity. 

Today, on Jesus Around the Web, I share some resources on biblical time management to help you become a better steward of your time.

God created time as a tool

In this post by Mike Benette, he explores the relationship between God and time, reminding us that God is not limited by time, but we are. Furthermore, he explores time as a tool that will help us be shaped into God-like characters. He goes ahead to recommend some helpful tips based on the bible that you can start to implement now.

Read the article here: Christian Time Management (

Time is a tiny dot in eternity

In this post over at Kingdom Bloggers, Cecily reminds us that time is only a tiny dot in the line of eternity, but how we spend it now will have a significant impact on our eternity. Further, she gives some actionable strategies and references to a couple of books to guide you on biblical time management.

Here’s Cecily’s post: What Does The Bible Say About Time Management – Kingdom Bloggers (

How not to trapped in busyness

Sometimes when we are busy doing this or that, we think that we are being a good steward of time. However, busyness does not always translate to being a good time manager. This insightful post on Stand &Obey explores this myth and offers some tips to unlearn the lie.

Read the post: Time Management – Tips From the Bible (

Maybe what you need is a planner

I just recently stumbled across Alison’s blog. First, her blog has an epic design. And second, her content is bible-based, fun to read, and inspiring. In this time management post, she gives you 8 biblical principles you can use to manage your time. She also has a beautiful and functional vertical planner to hold you accountable as you chase being a better steward of your time.

Here is the post: 8 Biblical Time Management Tips Plus Planner Printable – Write Them On My Heart.

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Do you have an article on the topic, you’d want me to add? Let me know in the comments below.

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