Anxiety-Buster Affirmation Guide: Finding Peace in Scriptures

Hey there! Thanks for grabbing this Affirmation Worksheet.

Here it is:

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Now that you have it, here’s what you can do:

Reflect: Take some quiet time to reflect on each scripture-based affirmation

Internalize: Repeat the affirmations to yourself, letting the words sink in and resonate with your spirit.

Journal: Consider journaling your thoughts and feelings as you meditate on each scripture, noting any insights or reflections that come to mind.

Pray: Use the affirmations as prompts for prayer by talking to God about your anxieties and seeking His peace and comfort.

Share: Feel free to share this worksheet with friends, family, or anyone else who may benefit from its message of peace and encouragement. Here’s the link.

Tip: Print the worksheet for easy reference or create wall affirmations to surround yourself with uplifting reminders of peace.

I hope you’ll be blessed by these verses and affirmations as much as I am!