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Free Online Courses to Keep You Engaged During Quarantine

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Quarantine comes with so much free time on our hands. Time that may feel stunted and boring. You’ve streamed movies, counted the tiles in your bathroom and read the back of your shampoo bottle. All this time in our hands can be maddening. But we can turn time into a resource. Especially if you invest in something valuable like free online courses.

Online courses will keep you sane and boost your career forward when the pandemic is over.

We will explore a list of online courses on different platforms you can take during quarantine.


Computer Technology

Language courses

Health and Fitness courses


The modern world has taken a shift into Digital Marketing. The average millenial with internet access spends an average of 3.2 hours online time online. This is the time when they make purchasing decisions, search for information and promote their content. Digital marketers are in high demand now. Companies want marketers who understand this statistics, making digital marketing a competitive and profitable course.

A digital marketer can work with websites, small and startup companies, agencies. You can also start your own website and offer digital marketing services. These are the top courses where you will gain digital marketing skills.

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. 

This course has 26 modules and runs for a total of 40 hours. It’s for beginners and totally free. What’s more, it includes a google digital certification by Google that is downloadable any time. The modules include practical exercises and real world examples. The course is;

  • IAB-accredited
  • Video tutorials
  • Unlimited access
  • Recognised certification 

SM study Digital Marketing Associate certification

The SM course is for beginners and offers learners the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. The course and exams are free and once you pass( 90%) you will be accredited with an SM study Fundamental of Digital Marketing Certification and added to the SM studies registry.

Linkedin Digital Marketing course.

The Linkedin digital marketing course will help you gain insights into online, mobile and content marketing. Learners will be taken through 17 hours of content created by experts, divided into seven main topics. At the end of the course, learners will be able to formulate marketing plans and SEO strategies that convert. The course will only be free for one month as a trial version. 

Technology courses

monitor showing java programming
Online technology courses will boost your career in today’s world.

Web Development

Code Academy is offering a free web development course for beginners. You will study Javascript, CSS and HTML, front- end and back-end development. Learners will also connect with established web developers. It has a free trial version.

IBM technology online Courses.

IBM offers free technological courses in areas of analytics, Enterprise Design thinking, cloud computing, Quantum, cybersecurity, and Blockchain through partnerships with universities around the world. Learners can create and design AI technologies through Watson Studios, and connect with thousands of other professionals on the plattform. You attain a badge that is displayed on social profiles when you finish a course. IBM also has a job board where learners who have achieved the accredited credentials can create their profile and get matched with job offers.

Computer science degree

University of the People is offering this course tuition free with no geographical restrictions. The program is taught by accredited universities in the US. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of design, development, testing and documentation of operating systems. Database management, programming languages and practical real life case analysis.

For students who cannot afford the entry fee of 60 USD and the additional assessment fees, University of the People offers scholarships to help them get through with no college financial issues.

Online Language courses.

Learning a new language will save you more times than you could ever count. It will help you check into hotels hustle free, make meeting people from different countries less daunting and even put in you in a position of new opportunities. The possibilities are endless. In this section, we will focus on both apps and websites to learn new languages.


This app is a favorite among many as it is free to use and quick to navigate. I’m currently learning Spanish through Duolingo in the hopes of perfecting my close to non-existent spanish language. You’ll receive a reward to keep you motivated for each course you complete. Their immediate grading helps you know the areas to improve on. There is also a web version available for free with 30+ languages at your fingertips.

Open Culture 

Open culture is a hub of 48+ languages. Learning is through the website and learners can download free audios and mp3 to perfect their speaking. This free language learning website  is easy to navigate. Open Culture offers certificates to students who fully complete their learning.

Learn a Language

From Hebrew, Norwegian, spanish, French, Greek, Danish, and so many more, Learn a Language offers free hundreds of lessons, activities, and games to ease your way up to learning a language. It allows you to connect with other native language speakers, learn their cultures, read original native text and write it down.

Health and Fitness courses.

Staying cooped inside with no escape is frustrating and can lead to depression. Scrolling through your twitter feed for hours and reading the conspiratorial theories will only lead to depression and hopelessness. This is where you play the part of learning something new. A health and fitness course will not only put you in learning mode but you will also be forced to take action and exercise what you have learnt. Exercising helps you focus your frustrations and fears some place else rather than your head.

 Alison Health and Fitness courses

.Through their free online learning plattform, you can take health and nutrition courses to get you and your family eating right, Yoga classes to take your body through the motions of tranquility, safe training and new inventive ways you can exercise. Digital, downloadable and printable certificates are available at a small fee.

Learn out Loud

You’ll learn through online videos, podcasts, and audio from a variety of universities. Learn out Loud health and fitness courses are not only aimed at helping you achieve fitness or start a career in the fitness industry. They offer health and wellness coaching, exercise science and wellness, physiology of exercise and nutritional wellness.

There you have it. Quarantine does not have to take a toll on you. In the meantime, free online courses will keep you sane, help you learn new skills and make things interesting during times of self-isolation. And if you find yourself procrastinating, this post will help you overcome.

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