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9 top Personal Finance courses for a Financially Stable Life.

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Imagine if you are empowered to live your life freely, healthier, and looking out to a better, financially stable future. Won’t that be nice- great even? And it can only be possible if you were knowledgeable in personal finance.

Luckily, there are great personal finance courses that can help you gain the information you need to live a financially stable life. And the best thing, they are all free. You don’t have to spend a dime getting knowledge that’s worth a lifetime.

But first:

What is personal finance?

 Simply put, personal finance is financial management by an individual to budget, save, and invest while taking into account risks that may arise and future events as well.

Personal finance involves:

  • Income- The money we make
  • Spending- our expenditure
  • Saving- what we put in banks/investments
  • Investing- think of stocks and real estate
  • Protection- insurance
  • Debt- credit cards, mortgages, and loans
  • Taxes- what we pay to the government(PAYE)
  • Retirement- Pension Schemes

All these aspects are integral to personal finance. Get it wrong, and you could end up a slave of money for life. Get it right, and you may be as well the next youngest billionaire of the 21st century.

So why is personal finance important in 2020

1) You can’t escape money

We all have to agree on this one. Money is part of our lives. You need it to buy stuff, get an education or set up a business. It’s in everything that revolves around us. You either become the master or the slave to money.

But you can always have the better side of the coin through personal finance courses. They will prepare you with knowledge of small-sized topics that are easier to grasp and apply in life.

2) Good saving habits.

Personal finance will give you intuitive insights into the time- value of money, which saving strategies work, and most importantly how to stay disciplined through goals while saving.

3) A more financially responsible you.

How remarkable is it when you set up financial goals and achieve them. The listed personal finance courses will be a guide of how to set up deliberate goals, stay true to them, and progressively hit your financial milestones.

4) Better Financial Health

Familiarity in personal finance will enable you to take charge of your finance and learn how to grow your money. With this type of knowledge, you will not be living the life offhand to mouth, but instead a healthier, financially stable life.

Now that we know the awesome benefits that you’d get, let’s dive into,

The Best Personal finance courses in 2020

1) Financial Planning for Young Adults.

Wondering when is the best time to start learning personal finance?

Learn now from this course offered by the University of Illinois through Coursera.

The course is designed to help young adults gain the fundamental concepts of financial planning. It’ll help you in goal-setting, saving, investing, budgeting, financial risks, borrowing, and credit.

The 8 modules offered will have real-world set-ups to help you think and come up with solutions to the problem presented.

And, if you have an interest in a finance career, you can get a feel of it through the interviews with CFP professionals included in the course.

*18 hours to complete

*4.5 rating

*30,484 students enrolled.

2) Finance for Non-Finance Professionals.

This course is for anyone with a yearning to understand stock markets and valuation. Though it focused on corporate finance, it can be used as a way of understanding how financial professionals make decisions and how you can tap that knowledge into managing yours and your family’s finance.

You will learn how to compounding returns, discounting, and financial valuation.

*RICE University.

*18 hours to complete

*4.8 average rating

*68,040 students enrolled.

3) Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest.

This is more of an accounting course. But then, accounting is an essential part of personal finance. It aims to show you how simple and compound interest works, how to calculate it, and how it applies to our daily life.

*Khan Academy

*3,735 students

*4 rating

4) Personal Finance from College to Career.

Do you want to learn how to make and manage your budget, plan for major purchases, and understand insurance? This course may be just for you.

It’s a full package for those transitioning from college to careers. With more than 80 videos, you’ll gain knowledge in vast personal finance topics. What’s more, the course will give you actual life problems and additional resources to help you through the personal finance journey.

*offered by Mitchell.D.Wells on Udemy

*4.2 rating

*4 hours completion

*13,902 enrolled students.

5) Personal Finance

Purdue University offers the course through EDX.

This course will teach you, investments, credit card working, insurance products and, how to maximize your retirement savings.

It includes academic research to further explain each concept for a better understanding. There has to be a financial solution you can start using once you take the course.

*Purdue University

*5 weeks completion

*introductory, beginner level.

6) Finance for Everyone; Smart tools for Decision Making

You will improve your financial literacy through Finance for everyone course. It will help you to apply the relevant tools and frameworks to your daily financial decisions. You’ll also learn the time-value of money and how it applies to our life decisions.

*University of Michigan

*36,483 students

*6 weeks completion.


7) My Financial Mountain

This course by Julio Lara offers you a simple overview through seven steps to finally solidify your finance. It’s simple and straight to the point.


*495 students.

*Beginner Level.

8) Personal & Family financial Planning.

This course will help you learn the fundamentals of personal finance management that are critical. After completing this course, you’ll be able to, manage income tax, build and maintain good credit, and understand the necessary tools for budgeting.

*University of Florida

*4.6 rating

*78,613 students

*10 hours

9) Introduction to Managing your Personal Finance Debts.

Debt is a major challenge for the majority of the population. With this course from Alison, you will get useful tips to alleviate and manage personal debts. First, if you have existing debt, you will learn how to set up a debt spreadsheet and how to contact credit card companies for an interest rate breakdown.


*4 average rating

*18,615 students enrolled

*1-hour completion.

10) Personal Finance by iTunes

The course will give you a deeper understanding of financial decisions and how they affect you and the core family units. It will help you develop a better, more effective goal setting, teach you budgeting, insurance, the time-value of money and, how to plan for retirement.

*Offered by Missouri state university.

*4 hours to complete

As seen from the personal finance courses shown above, you can gain an insane amount of knowledge to push you towards financial stability. Like when taking other online courses, consistency, dedication and hard work will be key to hitting your financial milestones.

So, what course have you decided to take?

Or, if you’ve taken one, was it helpful, did you finally reach your financial goals?

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